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Things I love: Glerups slippers

Things I love: Glerups slippers


When you work from home and have a small child, it feels like 80% of your life is spent inside your house. Especially as autumn descends. Between living in converted Victorian terrace houses, warehouses and timber-frame apartment buildings and now a building with a concrete floor – good slippers are critical in my daily life.

You laugh, but I probably wear my slippers for more time out of the day than any pair of shoes.

Sick of drugstore fuzzy landlord lady ones, cheap ones from Muji that never stay on, more expensive but equally crap ones from a department store, I decided to do some research.

Behold, my perfect slippers: Glerups.

These felted wool beauties come in several variations – a slip-on clog shape, a slip-on shoe with heel coverage and an ankle boot, all with suede soles. The shoe version has an optional rubber sole, which is the kind I ordered.

I love the thick felt, and how warm they are. The rubber sole means I can pop out my front door without worrying about ruining my slippers or finding a proper pair of shoes. And they look quite sleek – no fuzzy pompoms or bunny ears here.

A suede sole pair of the shoes runs $90, with the rubber sole version is $110. I know, nearly $100 for slippers? But I wear mine more hours out of the day than any of my shoes, so it seemed logical. I bought my pair last winter, and with daily wear they are nearly unchanged. Perfect.

Glerups are available through their Canadian website or in one of my favourite Vancouver shops, Walrus.




  1. Ken
    1 October 2013 / 9:44 am

    Can you put them on without having to bend over?

    • erinehm
      1 October 2013 / 9:45 am

      The slip-on clogs you can, these I sometimes I need to bend down and flip the back part over my heel.

  2. mel
    1 October 2013 / 12:23 pm

    omg yes, I’ve never been a fan of traditional house slippers (they just get so sad and dingy after a few wearings), but I’m all about slipper/shoe hybrids like these. I have the Patagonia ones from MEC (based on the same slipper/shoe concept as the Glerups, but more sneakerish) and I love them. They’re perfect for wearing down to the laundry room and I love that I can pop outside or down to the garage in them if I need to. I think when they finally wear out, I’ll give the Glerups a try. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • erinehm
      1 October 2013 / 12:44 pm

      Those are super cute!

      I totally recommend the glerups, they are super comfy and I cannot wait to put them on as soon as I get home. I’ve walked halfway to the store in them a few times, forgetting that they are not actual shoes…

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