I’m a freelance writer and editor, based in Heidelberg, Germany. We’re Canadian, but have spent 7 years living in London, England, and now we’re continuing our expat family journey in Germany.

I write about life with my small family (one little boy, one husband, one dog) which includes gardening, beekeeping, cooking, going out, making things, expat life, and everything in between.

I’ve been blogging, in one form or another, since 1997. We didn’t have a name for it back then, but I hand-coded each journal entry by hand. It was an electronic off-shoot of my photocopied zine, which of course, was a bit of a blog in paper format. When my son Elliot came into the world in the summer of 2009, I only managed to hold off writing a blog about it for about two months. I had a good run with Mummy & Monkey, but the ‘mummy’ felt limiting.

I love cooking, good wine, good whisky, good beer, and I’ve gotten a bit fanatical about ethical sourcing. In Vancouver, we were lucky to live deep in the city in a building with roof garden where we grew vegetables and fruit, kept bees, and took care of an urban orchard. Now in a small town in Germany, we’re surrounded by farms, vineyards, and apiaries and I source as much as I can locally while I figure out how to get myself an allotment and some bees.

For clarity’s sake, when I write about a product or event, I’ve paid for it myself unless I say otherwise. There are affiliate links occasionally in my posts, as well as a few sidebar ads which will also kickback a few pennies towards the hosting of this site. However, I’ve picked these specifically for being relevant to my content. If you see something inappropriate, please do let me know.

Contact me at erin_mcgann[at]mac[dot]com


My lovely head shots are by images by Bethany. All other photography is mine unless otherwise noted. I’m happy to share if asked.

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