Hi – I’m Erin.

I live in beautiful Heidelberg, in southern Germany, with my little family. Originally I’m from Canada, and I’m mixed race – my family is from Jamaica and Canada. Before we moved to Germany, we lived in London (UK) for many years.

We are history nerds of the first order. When we lived in London, we took all our visitors on long walking tours of our Spitalfields neighbourhood, whether they wanted to or not! Now that we live in Germany, we take every opportunity to visit our local castles, palaces, and historical sites. We even belong to a local historical reenactment society, working with clothing and weapons from the middle ages.

This blog aims to help you include these incredible historical sites in your European holiday, and to show you some lesser-known spots where you can get close to how people used to live. I love a good open-air museum, interactive castle tour, and imaginative gallery concept. Whenever possible, I work with local tourism boards and groups to dig a bit deeper.

For clarity’s sake, when I write about a product, trip or event, I’ve paid for it myself unless I say otherwise. There are affiliate links occasionally in my posts, as well as a few sidebar ads which will also kickback a few pennies towards the hosting of this site. However, I’ve picked these specifically for being relevant to my content. If you see something inappropriate, please do let me know.

Contact me at erin_mcgann[at]mac[dot]com

All photography is mine unless otherwise noted, please do not use it without permission. I’m happy to discuss licensing my work at a variety of rates depending on the circumstances.

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