Castles in the mist

One of the things we love about this area of southern Germany are the castle ruins scattered over the countryside. For the most part, the original ones were built somewhere in the 11th and 12th centuries, and were destroyed in the Thirty Years War, which trampled over this region like a rampaging herd of dinosaurs repeatedly in the 17th century. We’ve been driving around, checking them out in the incredibly cold mist we’ve been having every day lately. Of course, this means our seven year old is completely over castles now it seems. *sigh*

St Michael’s Monastery

img_4900 img_4910 img_5004

The above is not actually a castle but someone’s house, directly below Heidelberg Castle.

Heidelberg Schloss (Castle)

img_5076 img_5082

Dilsberg Altstadt (old city) and Castle


img_5198 img_5194 img_5196 img_5197

I particularly like the sneaky storage box and wheely bin in this picture.

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