The Best Coffee Shops in Heidelberg

You’ve had a good walk around the Altstadt and now you want to know where the best coffee shops in Heidelberg are for a little sit down. It was a hard job, but I did the research for you!

There are a few different things I took into consideration when making my list: patio with outdoor seating, good people watching potential, close to other attractions, price, charm, and inside options for wintertime. These are the small coffee shops near me that I’ve visited and loved, with what I’d say is the best coffee in Heidelberg. I’ve stuck to cafes in Heidelberg, and have not listed restaurants where you could also get coffee, as I’ve a good Heidelberg restaurants guide over here.

Black and white mural on a coffee shop wall with a big bear-like creature drinking coffee from a tiny cup, and a complicated coffee brewing machine in front of them. Best Coffee Shops in Heidelberg: Coffee Nerd
Coffee Nerd Heidelberg is one of the best coffee shops in Heidelberg, and it’s not just because of this mural

Coffee Nerd: Best Vancouveresque coffee shop

From the blonde wood and white interior to the bike up on a wall as decor, Coffee Nerd is pure Vancouver/PNW vibes. These folks are the real deal, and they take their coffee very seriously. You can choose your sustainably and fairly traded single-origin beans from two options that change every few weeks, and they offer non-dairy milks as well.

This is one of my favourite places to meet a friend for a coffee and a chat, whether we’re sitting outside in the little garden space or inside. If they have Franzbrötchen available, don’t hesitate and get one with your coffee! Either location is good, and they are within walking distance of each other.
Rohrbacher Str. 9, 69115 Heidelberg
Bahnhofstr. 45
, 69115 Heidelberg

Nomad Heidelberg: being physically inside a lifestyle Instagram post

Nomad: Best sepia-toned Instagram spot

While Nomad’s original cafe is the very small one in Weststadt on Rohrbacherstraße with the cute cafe table tables out front, they’ve since branched out to Neuenheim and Handschuhsheim across the river from the Altstadt. Their Neuenheim location regularly causes traffic chaos on Saturday and Sunday mornings as people queueing up for a chance to sit in the beautifully-styled interior block the street. It’s definitely a local favourite.

Their newest cafe in Handschuhsheim boasts a beautiful roof terrace. Their croissants defy logic, they are so good. All their food is locally sourced where possible, and the coffee is from German roasters, always either organic or fairtrade or both.
49 Rohrbacher Straße, 69115 Heidelberg (Weststadt)
28, Lutherstraße, 69120 Heidelberg (Neuenheim)
Dossenheimer Landstraße 98, 69121 Heidelberg (Handschuhsheim)

Pannonica: Best feels-like-a-secret cool-kid-cafe

Duck off the main Marktplatz in Heidelberg, and the crowds of tourist suddenly evaporate. The streets between the Königstuhl and the Marktplatz are a lovely little area of older houses, flower boxes on windows, and picturesque bicycles parked everywhere.

Not far in, you will come across Pannonica, a small café serving excellent coffee and snacks. The music is always great, and local artists display their work on the walls. Trust me, you will feel like you’ve discovered a secret stopping in here, one of my favourite coffee shops in Heidelberg.
Ingrimstraße 22, 69117 Heidelberg

Südseite: Best sidewalk tables on the cobblestones moment

If you head down to the riverside from the Hauptstraße (the long pedestrianised shopping street), you might think there’s not a lot going on down there. It’s a pretty place to stroll, but until you get the Alte Brücke there’s not much there. Wait a minute, what are those tables doing out across from the gorgeous Art Nouveau Stadthalle?

Südseite (south side in German) is a coffee shop that takes their coffee very seriously. Offering a monthly bean subscription box, they also sell Aeropress, pour over, and cold brew supplies online.
Untere Neckarstraße 24, 69117 Heidelberg

Riosk Café Molkenkur: Best improbable café location

The funicular up to the Heidelberg Castle is nice, but it’s only the first stop up the Königstuhl. It’s worth it to buy the full ticket and go all the way up. When you stop to switch to the old wooden funicular train, you’ll notice a nice little lookout spot, with tables and a little café.

The Riosk Café Molkenkur offers decent coffee and an unbeatable view. Yes, you can go to the top and try the kiosk up there, but I love these folks, they are just lovely. It can be rammed up at the lookout up top and totally empty here. Enjoy the view in peace before you head the rest of the way up, now fortified for the journey.
Klingenteichstraße 33, 69117 Heidelberg

Amoroso: Best proper Italian coffee

Turn down Märzgasse from the Hauptstraße when you see the flower shop, and you’ll notice a bustling side street. The little French café looks cute, but the coffee is overpriced and mediocre, and the pastries not worth it – it’s definitely not one of the best coffee shops in Heidelberg. Where you really want to go is Amoroso, across the street and down a bit. Also an Italian food shop, this cafe serves mega-potent Italian espresso that makes your hair grow 2cm instantaneously. Not quite, but it certainly feels like it. The tables out front make for excellent people watching if you can get a spot.
Märzgasse 1, 69117 Heidelberg

Best Coffee Shops in Heidelberg Honourable mention

Coffee Fellows: Best enviable terrace location

Coffee Fellows is a regional chain, and their coffee is serviceable, but I wouldn’t put it in the same league as the rest of the ones I’ve listed above. However, when they took over an old tavern’s location right at the entrance of the Alte Brücke, it’s hard to beat in terms of a beautiful place to sit and drink a coffee. It is likely to be absolutely packed with tourists during the afternoon, so this place is best in the morning if you can.
Steingasse 2, 69117 Heidelberg

Yes, there’s a Starbucks Heidelberg, go if you must.

Looking for a full meal? I’ve listed all the best restaurants in Heidelberg over here!

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