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I’ve made some good friends from this blogging thing, and when one of them needs to spread the word, I like to help if I can. Please, take a moment to read about Aimee, a friend of Emily and Jessica’s, and help if you can (there are concrete steps to take below).

This could be any of us.

Aimee Taylor, 33, is a friend of mine from UBC, where we studied Creative Writing together. She married her partner, Evani, after she finished the program. She and Evani are both talented musicians who both sing in the Lions Gate Chorus.

Aimee works in communications at the Child and Family Research Institute; she’s currently on leave after recently having her first child. Baby Alexa was born full-term and healthy a little over five months ago – she is the smiliest baby I’ve ever seen.

Since then, recovery has not been a smooth road; Aimee discovered in late June that the symptoms she had been experiencing were easily explained by recovery from a difficult labour followed by a C-section, which is why it was a complete surprise to learn that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

She was admitted to VGH with severe stomach pain, they found a tumour, and the cancer had spread. She underwent surgery to remove the tumour, and then had a PET scan to determine what the next steps would be. The scan determined that the cancer had not spread anywhere other than the liver; she will undergo chemo, followed by surgery to remove what they can from her liver. The challenging news is that it is a stage IV cancer – the most advanced kind, which means this will be a difficult fight. However, Aimee is a tough lady with much to fight for.

Aimee is kind and funny and creative. She is a talented writer and storyteller. And she is a devoted partner, mother, and friend. In hospital, she confided that she hadn’t begun to process this news for herself – her primary concern lay with Evani and Alexa, and how this would affect them.

Aimee would never ask for it, but she needs our help.

Read Bethany’s lovely post about photographing Aimee, Evani and Alexa. Jessica wrote about how she first met Aimee in high school.


Steps you can take now:

  • Aimee can’t breastfeed, if you can donate breastmilk, please contact Margo at
  • Her partner has taken leave from work, so funds are tight, her brother has set up a fundraising page, if you can, please contribute
  • You can donate your Save-On points, they live right next to a Save-On, so this is helpful. Call 1-800-242-9229 and ask to put the points toward card number 480 0343 4081 (the second line of numbers is AC #X6VXNU)
  • If you’d like to give meals or baby items, email to coordinate or add your name to the calendar that has been set up
    • Aimee has been advised to avoid sugar and flour. This applies to any sugars (except naturally occurring ones, like in fruit), and any flours including ones made with quinoa or beans or whatnot. She will be seeing a nutritionist soon, so check for updates with Emily ( before making something for Aimee’s family.


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