Not quite Bike People


This past weekend we invested in a proper pedal bike for Elliot. At three and three-quarters, he is shockingly agile and up for any kind of outdoor activity. We now live next to a very long, flat, paved seaside path with it’s own bike lane, so as a family we have been out on our bikes much more than ever before. A fortnight ago we bought a bike trailer off craigslist so we could go further with our little guy than he could manage on his strider bike alone.

bike family 2

It’s funny, we’re not Bike People. At least, I wouldn’t describe us as such. Though Christopher bikes into the office most days, and most weekend mornings it isn’t actively pouring rain we’ll head out to a playground on our bikes with the trailer. I don’t own any bike gear, and as I mentioned on Instagram, I feel I should be wearing red lipstick if I’m going to take my bike. Don’t ask me why. I think all the aggressive cyclists with their specialized clothing and shiny spandex freaked me out a bit. They still do when they whizz by me as I tootle around on my six-speed purple bike with a basket.

Whatever. I bet they don’t have a coffee cup holder.

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