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There was a Pinterest board full of clothing options on this past weekend in the grounds of a small castle nearby. Elliot loves everything sword and archery related, so we knew he would enjoy it.

Of course, we also play quite a few video games with him that relate to this period in some way, and right now the audiobooks he’s going to sleep to are the How to Train Your Dragon series. So he’s pretty steeped in this whole thing to begin with, but to see the look on his face when he saw his first grown man in full fighting regalia was priceless. Followed by non-stop requests for swords, axes, or a bow and arrow. Please!


He had a chance to watch a sword fighting show, a joust, and some period puppet and magic shows, though these loose their appeal if you can’t follow what’s going on (everything was in German of course). There were probably 40-50 stalls, it was much bigger than I was expecting. In the end, Elliot came home with a pair of wooden swords and shields with his name hand-lettered on, as well as a crossbow set – with the understanding this was fulfilling his birthday gift quota. In true German form, everything is made of proper wood, and will probably end up being heirlooms.


So off I go to fill a Pinterest board full of clothing options for our next visit. There’s one before Christmas, so I only have a few months to go.

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