Three days in Munich


One of the reasons we agreed to this relocation to Germany was the chance to travel around Europe. My husband goes to Münich often for business, so before school started, we decided to tag along. I know we’ll be in Munich again, so we didn’t try and cram everything in. I find travelling with a seven year old is a lesson in picking a few things and taking your time. The Englisch Garten This huge park is in the middle...

Here we go!


Two and a half days to go until we get on a plane for our move to Germany. We’ve already been out of our apartment for two days, with seven suitcases overflowing around my mum’s house. I know there are people out there who can live for six weeks out of a single carry-on and a small envelope or something, but I’m not one of them. Having done this before, including living in corporate accommodation far from where you will...