The Black Forest Open Air Museum

The Black Forest Open Air Museum

The Black Forest Open Air Museum or Schwarzenwälder Freilichtmuseum Vogtsbauernhof is well worth a visit. You can drive in, or there’s a train station literally right next to it.

The museum itself is a collection of farmhouses ranging from 16th to the 18th centuries. There was one house originally on the site, and the others were painstakingly dissembled and moved.

It’s a brilliant place to bring small children as kids can run around and touch most things. There are horses and chickens to look at, and an open-air bakery was operating the day we were there, turning out flammkuchen and loaves of bread. Every day there’s someone demonstrating elements of traditional farm life. We watched a woman hand weaving amazing ribbons, and there’s a woodworking workshop full to the rafters with beautiful wooden toys to buy for ridiculously reasonable prices (this is a common theme in Germany I’m finding). Check the website for details on what’s on the day of your visit.

The crowning glory of this open-air museum is the big playground and cafe. Grab a currywurst and a local Black Forest radler while kids climb a giant rock with a smooth side as a slide, play in several little playhouses and splash in the water pump.

There are audio guides in the gift shop, available in several languages including English. There’s also a more formal sit down restaurant if you’re not visiting with squirming children, with a lovely patio. They had incredible looking genuine Black Forest cake in the pastry case that I desperately regret not trying.

It’s worth noting the museum is only open in the spring and summer months, except a short period in December for their Christmas market.

Schwarzenwälder Freilichtmuseum Vogtsbauernhof

77793 Gutach (Schwarzwaldbahn) , 0 78 31-93560


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