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Day Trips from Frankfurt

Frankfurt makes a great homebase for discovering western Germany. I’ve pulled together four great day trip destinations that aren’t too far away to make it doable with kids.

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Exploring Châteaux in Burgundy, France

The French countryside in the Bourgogne, or Burgundy, is as beautiful as you’ve heard. Rolling hills, vineyards surrounded by old stone walls, picturesque farm buildings, and the occasional châteaux perched on a hill. Burgundy is… View Post

Visiting Beaune with kids

The heart of Burgundy wine country is a lovely place to explore with small people.

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Things I love: Bandbox bike helmets

Bike helmets. I know lots of people don’t like them, question their efficacy, and chafe against helmet laws. And while I appreciate how annoying they can be, I have also known a couple people who… View Post

Take my Heidelberg walking tour

Let me show you my favourite photography spots and tell you some amazing stories about Heidelberg’s old town.

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