Cool Kickstarter: Mac Ride bike seat

I like to go places on my bicycle.

But as most of my journeys involve ferrying a small person to swimming lessons, dance class, soccer, school, library, etc and we live in Vancouver (land of big freakin’ hills) – I don’t do it as much as I’d like.

We have a trailer for our bikes, but it scares me to ride with it on roads with traffic. And it is a massive drag on my bike, getting up the big hill to school is out of the question. Back mounted bike seats are not built for children as big as a 4 year old, and those nifty moulded seats in the front are for littler children. I would desperately love a cargo bike, but they cost a fortune.

When I heard about the Vancouver-designed Mac Ride bike seat for children as old as six, I was intrigued. Glen Dobson, designer of this neat seat, popped round to demonstrate it for us.

What I love about it:

  • it’s small and folds up when you take it off your bike
  • close contact with your child while biking
  • designed locally by a bicycling parent

I am not a trail riding kind of cyclist, but Glen is, and he’s made this seat work with more adventurous biking. You can’t do that with a trailer, and definitely can’t do that with those back-mounted seats.

This amazing project is on Kickstarter right now, and it’s a great chance to get a Mac Ride seat for half price, as well as getting this project off the ground.


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