Three tips for kids learning a foreign language


My son is seven years old, and through various twists of fate he has attended an English language public school and a French immersion public school Canada, and now attends a German/English bilingual private school in Germany. We’ve gone through the language/school transition twice now, both with a major international move and without. While I’m not a speech pathologist, a teacher, or a child psychologist, I have gone through this as a parent a couple of times now. As we...

Three days in Munich


One of the reasons we agreed to this relocation to Germany was the chance to travel around Europe. My husband goes to Münich often for business, so before school started, we decided to tag along. I know we’ll be in Munich again, so we didn’t try and cram everything in. I find travelling with a seven year old is a lesson in picking a few things and taking your time. The Englisch Garten This huge park is in the middle...

The Black Forest Open Air Museum


The Black Forest Open Air Museum or Schwarzenwälder Freilichtmuseum Vogtsbauernhof is well worth a visit. You can drive in, or there’s a train station literally right next to it.  The museum itself is a collection of farmhouses ranging from 16th to the 18th centuries. There was one house originally on the site, and the others were painstakingly dissembled and moved.  It’s a brilliant place to bring small children as kids can run around and touch most things. There are horses...