iPad app review: Naxos Records’ My First Orchestra

Naxos Records' My First Orchestra app

As a musician myself, albeit a keen amateur one, I’m always looking for ways to involve Elliot in listening and talking about classical music. We watch concerts on TV, we listen to it around the house and talk about how the music makes us feel, maybe about which instruments we can hear. Sometimes if I’m feeling brave, I get out my cello and let him bow while I stop the strings, or we drag out the accordion for a bit...

iPad app review: Endless Alphabet

Quick, go download this app and then come back and read my review – it’s free right now and I wouldn’t want you to miss it. Endless Alphabet is a neat phonics app for kids. Simple yet engaging, like all the best apps for children, it presents a word in colourful letters, only to have all those letters scattered by a charging mob of monsters. This makes Elliot giggle every time. He then drags each letter back in place (not...