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Playful self-discipline. The name caught my eye, and Michelle Carchae’s posts on her blog The Parent Vortex, detailing her attempts at making it work were intriguing. I think what really kept me reading was her tone of voice. It wasn’t hectoring, it wasn’t smug. Far from it – she wrote about shouting too much, about not paying enough attention, about how things were not going how she imagined they would. Yet, it was her realistic and positive approach to the whole thing that kept me reading. A good balance of ‘No I’m not perfect’, and ‘Here’s what I’m trying to do’.

I’ll be honest, whilst aspects of attachment parenting appeal to me, the attitude of the people who practice it (and talk about it nonstop, which is probably who I mean in particular) winds me up. It’s a bit like people who love Wes Anderson films or Haruki Murakami books. I have trouble liking the cultural output because their rapid fans annoy me so much. And anyone who blogs exclusively about a parenting style are often one of those rapid fans.

That’s what drew me to Michelle’s blog, it was real and it wasn’t like that at all.

When she mentioned she was working on an e-book and was looking for help editing, I emailed her to offer my services, partially for the selfish reason of reading her book straightaway. Much like her blog, Michelle’s new book The Parenting Primer, is full of helpful and straightforward advice about doing this raising children thing in a caring yet practical way that takes into account brain developmental stages.

Michelle has kindly offered a copy of her e-book to one of my readers for free.

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