Things I love: Worishofer sandals


I was walking to pick up my library book, when I glanced into the window of Much & Little, and spotted my perfect sandal.

Perfect? I know. But I’ve been searching for a low-heeled, comfortable sandal for, oh, years. So many years.


Apparently I’m way behind on this Worischofer thing. I blame living in England for that, as apparently they don’t think these shoes are cool over there, but I find that hard to believe. What could be cooler than a German orthopaedic sandal?

That brought you up short, I’m sure. No really, they are cute. And incredibly comfortable. Upon coming home, I was seriously trying to justify buying another pair already. It’s the low heel height, combined with the adjustable slingback strap and the functional buckle over the top of the foot that makes it for me. Adjustable width and length is amazing.

And all those articles making fun of people buying ugly shoes for the sake of irony… er, well, I don’t think those people walk very far. Otherwise they’d understand.

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