Things I love: Saltwater sandals


I think I’m probably late to the party on this one, but I discovered Saltwater sandals this spring. Leather, yet completely ocean and washing machine compatible, they are my ideal summer shoe. I’m not a sporty kind of girl, and I don’t really go in for velcro sports sandals. I saw someone mention on instagram that they walked all over the city in them one day pushing a double pushchair and their feet didn’t hurt – that sold it for me. Should you want to match your children, they come in little person sizes too.

Plus they come in silver. I mean really.

Now they are a bit of a challenge to get hold of in Canada, and the sizing is random so read all the details on their site before ordering online. I am coveting a red pair, but I’m wondering whether I missed the window…

2 thoughts on “Things I love: Saltwater sandals”

  1. I bought a pair two years ago and this summer everyone is commenting on how news they look – they wear v well. On the downside this summer also seems to be the breakout year for them for little people. At least 10% of little people in any given park are also wearing them…

    1. Oh that’s good to hear they last well. They were hard enough to even get hold of at all in Canada, I haven’t seen that many children in them really. I didn’t get a pair for Elliot, as he needs toe protection really. Will probably go with Natives for beach/water park shoes for him. Do you have them over there?

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