The 100 things list

Fifteen years ago, I ended up in a nutrition counsellor’s office. I don’t really remember how I got there, but after chatting with me for a bit, she asked me what I wanted for myself.

That stumped me.

Even 15 years ago I wasn’t very good at putting my needs first, that was before I got married and started a family. You can imagine my skills in that department have not improved.

The task she set me is one I’ve come back to many times over the years, and as we hit New Year resolution time, I thought I would share it.

Sit down with whatever list-making equipment works best for you: pen and paper, iPad, laptop, phone – whatever. Make a list of 100 things you want. Do it in one sitting, and everything on it must be only for you. Not your partner, not your children, not your parents, not your friends – you.

They can be small things – often, a nice lunch when I don’t have to rush features on mine. They can be materialistic things, they can be impossible things, but you have to fill up the 100 spots. I would also say, in this age of oversharing and commenting, that to be truly honest with yourself you should keep it private.

What ends up happening when I do this is by number 43 or so, I run out of random pieces of kitchen equipment, fantasy holidays and foods I want to try, and the truth starts coming out.

When I’m feeling a bit lost, frustrated with myself for feeling lost and grumpy with the world because I’m not getting what I need, I make time to do this. Even just getting a better sense of what’s actually important to me can improve my mood. I hope this helps you too – and happy new year.

3 thoughts on “The 100 things list”

  1. I’ve done this before, although not with a set number of things to list. It was was really surprising what came out. I think that maybe I need to do it again.

    1. I’ve found that I’m tempted to stop before I get to what’s really important, so going all the way to 100 is a way to keep me going until I completely run out of ideas.

  2. What a great idea. When I really think about it, it seems as though it might end up being a bit of a freeing, but difficult exercise. I might have to put pen to paper and give it a go. Thank for sharing it Erin.

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