Thanksgiving in a box

Look, they’ve done all the work. 

I love Thanksgiving. I love the idea of making a huge celebratory meal, of thinking about what we’re grateful for. I love the weather this time of year. Normally I spend weeks gleefully thinking about what to make, sourcing my ingredients, organising deliveries.

This year is different.

First, Elliot is in preschool and our schedules are both less busy and more busy at the same time, somehow. Getting there on time, getting lunch inside that little guy, a nap if required, playground time – it all requires a lot of planning and it’s been taking up the planning node in my brain.

Second, we’re housesitting my mum’s house, and dog sitting as well. This would be a plus rather than a complication if it wasn’t for:

Third, I am sick. This week has been horrid. Energy-sapping, achey and grumpy-making, this cold has laid me flat – only flat wasn’t an option as Christopher has been non-stop busy with work. So instead, life went on as usual and I knocked back endless cups of tea and Advil Cold & Sinus Extra Strength. I arrived at my mum’s place the other day exhausted, toting Ikea bags full of our stuff for the weekend.

The idea of cooking a huge meal making my fragile head hurt. I’m feeling like I’m returning to the land of the living now, but it’s still not on the cards. I’ll probably take my own advice from earlier this week over on and head over to Whole Foods early tomorrow morning and collect up materials for a nice dinner, that will only require bunging a few things in the oven. Job done. Check back next year for handmade centrepieces and autumnal wreaths!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in a box”

  1. Was at Whole foods in West Van Saturday and I must say the idea crossed my mind too…and I don’t have a rotten, nasty cold. Hope you get better soon. 🙂

    1. I’m on the mend, thank you. It worked out beautifully – though I wouldn’t bother with the gravy, it was tasteless.

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