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Homemade playdough {pretend} birthday cake

Homemade playdough {pretend} birthday cake

playdough birthday cake 2 titled

It all started at Elliot’s (Grand)Papa’s birthday lunch yesterday.

Elliot and his cousins were running around looking for something to do when they found the playdough. After the excitement of a birthday cake, birthday candles were the logical addition to their lumps of dough.

playdough birthday cake 6


Excuse the flour…

I promised Elliot we would make playdough at home the next day. I even went to the store at 9pm and hauled home a giant bag of flour so I would be prepared.

We made the jell-o playdough recipe from this site (omitting the cream of tartar because I was sure I had some, then couldn’t find it, and as if I was walking to the store AGAIN in the pouring rain at 7.30am), and it turned out well.

playdough birthday cake 4 copy

I pulled out birthday candles, spoon, knife, small spatula and some silicone cupcake liners. Elliot made this awesome giant layered birthday cake. Future pastry chef?

playdough birthday cake5


Paper airplanes everywhere

Paper airplanes everywhere

paper airplanes

Elliot is obsessed with paper airplanes at the minute. Every remotely foldable piece of anything is handed to me: ‘Please make into paper airplane, Mummy?’

I’ve used magazine subscription inserts, construction paper, pages torn from Anthropologie catalogues – anything and everything. My own paper airplane engineering skills were clearly not doing it anymore, so I turned to Google. As you do.

My favourite designs are two from this sitethe Eagle and the High Glider. The High Glider, in particular, is great for the rather non-specific way in which three year olds throw planes. Judicious bits of washi tape hold it together through the many throwings.

What’s your favourite way to fold a paper airplane?