Santa photos complete with scheduled snow [and a giveaway]

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We had never managed the mall Santa photo with our son until this year. The queues always look long, the children miserable, the elves a bit dazed. But I had heard good things about the Lougheed Town Centre set-up last year. A bit quieter, but well done.

Arriving right as the Santa village opened on a weekday was good. We even witnessed one of the indoor snowfalls! Considering we probably won’t see any snow until our drive into the Interior to visit relatives, it was a pretty moment. Our friends in pretty much any other area of Canada are laughing at us right now…

The Santa was jolly and lovely, and there were no tears for the actual photo. The resulting photo was handed to me on a hilarious snowman-shaped USB stick. Of course, when my son saw it, headless, sticking out the side of my laptop, there were some questions.

The Confederation Park mini train circled the Santa hut, so of course we had to take a ride right after. I wish we had managed that during one of the snowfalls.

The whole experience was incredibly calm and straight forward. They have a paging system, so you can put your name down on the list and then go for a wander while waiting for your turn (no wailing children waiting in the queue). If you can make it on a Monday, the Santa photos are free! I definitely recommend it if you don’t have a favourite place to go already.

The generous people at Lougheed Town Centre have offered a $50 mall gift card to my readers. Now, I have to tell you, there is a shiatsu massage kiosk. It’s run by the same people who have the one in Lonsdale Quay, and all the people who work there come from one massage school. They are brilliant. It may feel weird to lie down in the middle of the mall, but I promise you within 2 minutes you won’t care. Who doesn’t need a massage after the month of December is over?

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6 thoughts on “Santa photos complete with scheduled snow [and a giveaway]”

  1. We have been going to Lougheed for years. Brilliant Santas. The folks back home have always been impressed that Santa has an actual beard!

    (I’d love to give the Shiatsu a try. Sounds lovely. Surprised I’ve ignored it for so long!)

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