Pizza class at Rocky Mountain Flatbread + WIN

Pizza class at Rocky Mountain Flatbread

Pizza class at Rocky Mountain Flatbread
Elliot talked about Pizza Class for about two days, before we actually went. To a 3 year old, going to a class to make pizza is pretty cool. I think he told everyone we came within 2 metres of that day too.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread is a haven for Vancouver families looking for somewhere to eat that’s not full of junk and also doesn’t feel like every surface can be wiped clean with industrial solvent after you leave. A beautiful wood kitchen play area with IKEA cloth food every child recognises! Bench seating right next to it! Pizza! There’s a reason all locations are full to the rafters at dinnertime.

Did you know they do pizza-making parties? Or even drop-in classes? I know, I know. How clever is that!

Rocky Mountain Flatbread on Main Street generously invited a bunch of blogging parents and their children by for a sample pizza class. We started our two-hour class with trays set out for making a guacamole. The avocados were all soft soft soft, a great first project to get stuck into with spoons for scooping and forks for mashing. The tasks were shared around between the children. They squeezed in some lime and added some mango chunks. Finally, they peeled their own carrots to dip in their guacamole.

We moved onto lemonade and apple pie popcorn. The popcorn maker was fascinating of course, as well as the finished product of popcorn mixed with melted butter, cinnamon, torn-up dried apples slices and maple syrup. The lemonade was equally simple, with lemon juice, maple syrup and water mixed up in a jug. All of that disappeared in a flash and we were on to the main attraction.

The children paired up and took turns rolling out a dough ball. Sauce was spread, and then cheese dropped into waiting hands. Some of it even got onto the pizza. Elliot amazed me by picking chicken and mango as toppings for his pizza. With the wood-fired oven, their pizzas were finished in minutes. It was very good, but I’m mostly guessing because I was only allowed a very small corner of it.

There’s a children’s pizza making class every Sunday evening from 5-7pm for only $6.95. Best of all, you don’t need to join in, you can actually have your meal in peace. If you want to join in however, you’re welcome to on Mondays from 5-7pm for $13.95 for adults.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread also does birthday party packages for $13 per child (plus tax and 18% gratuity). This includes a choice of dessert, or you can bring your own cake. If you want, you can do apron and hat colouring too for an extra charge. I think this would be a great birthday party, I’m definitely filing it away for future reference.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread will be choosing someone randomly from their Facebook page to win 2 tickets to their Family Pizza Nights (Sunday and mondays 5-7pm). For your chance at winning Like their Facebook page.

Disclosure: Elliot and I were guests of Rocky Mountain Flatbread for a pizza class with the understanding we would review it. Opinions are my own.

Pizza class at Rocky Mountain Flatbread

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