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Things I’m excited to do this season

The Magic of Santa Last Christmas passed in a bit of a whirl. I wasn’t comfortable enough in the city yet to figure out where we should go. This year, however, I feel much more… View Post

Beetroot brownie cupcakes

A few things came together in a kind of culinary planetary alignment to bring me to the constant chocolate beetroot cupcake assembly line my kitchen has become. For the last month I’ve been receiving bags… View Post

Win Michelle Carchrae’s new parenting e-book

Playful self-discipline. The name caught my eye, and Michelle Carchae’s posts on her blog The Parent Vortex, detailing her attempts at making it work were intriguing. I think what really kept me reading was her… View Post

EDC XL: Jen Kossowan, blogger at Mama Papa Bubba

wallet mini first aid kit (bandages, spray-on Polysporin, antiseptic wipes, & Mom’s Kisses) Gentle Baby Wipe Spray & reusable cotton wipe PURE Natural Hand Sanitizer *borrowed* paint chips for art projects (errr… I mean painting projects) CO Bigelow… View Post

The self-cleaning fish tank that also grows herbs on top

My husband said to me once, whilst flipping through Kickstarter, that he wished we were rich mainly so we could be modern-day Medicis and fund everything that looked cool. Now this is something that’s worth… View Post