Our new {old} reclaimed wood table by Vancouver Reclaimed


When we moved into our new apartment, we had the chance to get a proper dining table. I was beyond excited, because I am a dining table kind of worker. I have fond memories of setting out my books to plan out things at my parents’ table, and in the few places I’ve lived since that had space for one. I love feeding others, and it just doesn’t work with little cramped gateleg things.

I’ve wanted a reclaimed wood table for ages. I started doing research, and got it into my head I could make my own if I just got the wood. I was downloading schematics of legs built with plumber’s pipe and everything. Sense made its way slowly into my brain, pushing past pages of Pinterest boards filled with homemade tables. Right, I don’t own any tools of any kind. And have no space to work on the wood. And, well, we’re moving.

So! I changed tack and started getting some quotes in for someone else making a table for us. A few were a bit crazy, but then I happened upon the Vancouver Reclaimed site. I don’t know, I just liked the look of his work. All the pieces were simple, but well-proportioned. It’s hard to describe, but have a look through Etsy at the furniture and you’ll see what I mean. Anyone can stick four legs on a piece of wood, but it takes someone with an eye to make it look lovely.


Brooke Wingrove, the man behind Vancouver Reclaimed, made us a table and a bench out of wood rescued from a Steveston marine netting warehouse. The wood is around 75 years old. If you’re keen on pristine tabletops, reclaimed wood is not for you. Our table features knots and whorls, marks and gouges, nicks and scrapes. It’s finished and sealed, of course, but it has character. Brooke makes these beautiful metal hairpin legs for his tables and benches (if you like, he makes others as well), and it makes our table float. None of that chunky heaviness you sometimes see.


When Brooke drove our table and bench round for delivery, we got to talking and of course, he is an ex-Londoner as well. He moved back a year after we moved over there, and we had a good chat about missing pubs, Saturday supplements and Muji. He turned his hand to furniture making when he returned from the UK, after being dissatisfied with what he could find to furnish his own place. Friends saw his work and started asking him to make pieces for themselves, and so it went.

I’m not sure what else we can get Brooke to make for our house, but we’re having a good think about it, because I love his work.

Disclosure: None. I found Brooke through the oracle of Google, and we paid for our furniture. It’s too good not to share.

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