On VancouverMom: Lost Souls of Gastown walking tour

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I’m terrible when it comes to thinking up things to do with my husband when we have a night to ourselves. We invariably end up down at the pub near our house, or maybe just across the water. Occasionally I’ll book us tickets for something, but nine times out of ten, Christopher ends up having to go out of town and we miss it.

I have a thing about history, and when people came to visit us when we lived in East London we regaled them with our own walking tour, replete with stories of Huguenot weaving factories, Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings protests, Roman roads, plague pits, and ditches full of dead dogs (the road is called Houndsditch for a reason, albeit a grim one). I’ve been busying myself learning about Vancouver history for another project, so when the chance to go on one of Forbidden Vancouver’s walking tours came up, I was thrilled. If you are also into the history of Vancouver, Forbidden Vancouver have great twitter and facebook feeds full of photos.

The whole piece is over on VancouverMom, but the short story is: it’s fun, sign up now while the weather is perfect for it.

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  1. I would love to do one of these tours. I did similar tours in Edinburgh, London, Bristol and York – all very atmospheric on a cold dark night. Might have to wait till next year though, until the boy is a bit bigger. Thanks for sharing this though.

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