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I have this problem with ice cream: so much of it is full of crap. Thickeners, preservatives, artificial flavours. Blergh. The gelato place near our apartment is no better, unfortunately. At home, I’ve come to grips with making our own ice cream with a machine I bought off craigslist (it’s the land of ice cream makers) and David Lebovitz‘s incredible book, [amazon_link id=”158008219X” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Perfect Scoop[/amazon_link].

Some days, though, I don’t want to make my own. I just want someone to hand me a lovely scoop of ice cream. Earnest Ice Cream is a local company, best known for their cute bicycle ice cream carts. Now they have their own scoop shop on Fraser Street – I wrote about it for VancouverMom.ca.



I love that their menu is just ice cream and coffee. The coffee is from Matchstick Roasters down the road.

And you can pick up their pint jars as well.


2 thoughts on “On VancouverMom: Earnest Ice Cream”

    1. The flavours are rotating, but there’s always a couple interesting ones. Definitely worth a visit regardless, it’s a beautiful shop.

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