On Vancouver Mom: Family Guide to the Food Cart Fest

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I love food carts. I’m not sure why I find them so terrific, but there’s something amazing about being handed something incredible down from a vehicle. Maybe it’s the standing outside part? The way four of them in a row in any given place creates an instant festive feeling? I don’t know, but I’m keen.

When the Food Cart Fest announced its new location literally down the road from me, I was one part excited, one part dismayed. Last year I was very anxious to check out the Fest, but it was quickly apparent it was not at all built for families. Which is, you know, fine. I’m a-okay with not everything catering to my particular life-stage. But it seemed like they missed a trick, surely it would make sense to make it a bit more family friendly. This year, it was advertised as such, but after talking to friends and neighbours who had been, it seemed a little perfunctory. I’m happy they tried, and I have high hopes for next year. We collected advice and headed down there, and had a surprisingly good time. So I decided to pass on the collected wisdom in a Family Guide to the Food Cart Fest over on VancouverMom.ca. Enjoy and eat lots of food.

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