My new favourite cycling dress

stripe-bottom dressIt’s just what I look for: a bit stretchy, just above the knee, breathable. Just above the knee is crucial, because it allows full leg movement without getting tangled in my rear brake pads (say) but doesn’t ride up enough to give the entire bike route a view of my knickers. Yay!

And only $24 at Joe Fresh.

My other secret weapon in the cycling in dresses department is Jockeys Skimmies Slipshorts. Ignore the naff name, enjoy the comfortable, non-chafing underwear. I particularly like these as they aren’t meant as shapewear, so there is no Olympics-worthy, sweat-inducing 20 minutes getting them on. They come in many colours and the bottom edge isn’t lacey or anything, so if you do accidentally flash a passing cyclist, you just look super prepared in bike shorts. They are also quite cool to wear.


2 thoughts on “My new favourite cycling dress”

  1. I love cycling in dresses and I got a pair of padded cycling underwear from MEC. They are biking shorts but much lighter and it helps with the flashing of my knickers. It also helps with chaffing of the thighs and is a bit of padding for the nether regions. 🙂 I didn’t wear them yesterday and I really should have. 😉

    1. I remembered you mentioned them to me, and I bought a pair too! I probably got the wrong size though, because I find it binds a bit in the waist. Do you have a dress guard on your bike? I have a few dresses that get tangled in my rear brakes.

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