Moo Milk Bar


I was going to the store to get kale, so you know, stopping at a milk and cookie shop was not really on the agenda. But I couldn’t help peering in the window.

Milk and cookies? Really?

When we visit Toronto we stay with my aunt in the Beaches. I know this stretch of Queen Street East pretty well, if only in annually. It’s not really a hotbed of quick turnover, so I was intrigued by this new addition.

After dinner, I checked the hours at the Moo Milk Bar, and we only had 20 minutes before closing. I literally threw the leftovers in the fridge and hustled everyone out the door. Milk and cookies is a good motivator, it seems.

What a lovely concept. A large selection of cookies, all within the parameters of normal cookieness – no kale and asparagus or twice-fried plantain and pistachio. Thank god. Salted caramel dark chocolate, red velvet, oatmeal pecan chip, snickerdoodle, cookies and cream, oatmeal raisin. All the good ones.

I took advantage of their summer special and had a ice cream sandwich with vanilla bean ice cream and snickerdoodles. Oh oh oh. Perfect. Messy and sticky and perfect. Elliot picked out the last red velvet cookie immediately, and we chose the vanilla bean milk to go with it. We also grabbed salted caramel dark chocolate, and because it was their one year anniversary, we were loaded up with three more cookies for free.

The cookies themselves were just what I hoped – firm but yielding to softness in the centre. Large enough to be satisfying, but not ridiculous. I had a double cookie ice cream sandwich and though it was a lot, I didn’t have that sugar stomach ill feeling afterwards. I would definitely recommend their one cookie ice cream sandwich however, in which they cut a cookie in half and fill that with ice cream.

The flavoured milk was a pleasant surprise. The vanilla bean one was black-speckled with vanilla seeds, as you would hope, and wasn’t sickly sweet but more vanilla scented. Much more enjoyable than I expected and I want to try their other flavours now.

I’m sure some will baulk at paying $5 for a cookie and milk, but to be honest, it is a bargain when you consider what you would pay for a pastry and an espresso drink at any chain. I think this place is ingenious, and I wish we lived in the city to see what they come up with in the winter time…

Apologies if there are some formatting issues in the next few weeks, my laptop is being repaired and I’m working with a hodge podge of computing equipment.

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