Mini Oliva salad dressing pods

I need motivation to pack my lunch.

At the moment, I should be bringing my lunch to eat after I drop off Elliot at preschool. Or go home, and be responsible. But the excitement of being able to have lunch alone! reading a book! by myself! at lunch! has been too much for me lately.

I’m a big fan of getting nice kit to inspire me to do something. In the lunch department, I bought myself a pretty bento box. This is great for rice or noodle-based lunches, but I like having salads too.

I’ve never figured out the salad/dressing problem. My colleagues at my old office can attest to my experimentation with special plastic containers with dressing containers in the lids, or inside, or whatever ingenious solution I came up with (which never really worked).

Whilst grocery shopping I spotted these cool little pre-filled pods of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, called Mini Oliva. Made up of 70% olive oil and 30% balsamic vinegar and produced in Spain, these disposable plastic bulbs contain about three teaspoons of dressing. You shake them before opening, then twist the top off and squeeze the bulb to dress your salad.

{UPDATE} New flavours are coming in November: raspberry vinaigrette, spicy olive oil and lemon vinaigrette.

Because they are commercially sealed, you’re not going to get oil leaking everywhere before you open the pod. However, as you’re meant to open the pod and use it all up, it’s not re-sealable.

The pods come in a box of 12 for about $8.99. I bought mine in a Save-On Foods. {UPDATE} They’re also available in Sobey’s, Foodland, Highland Farms, Galati Brothers, and Longo under the name Minigrette. Loblaws and Walmart will have them soon. If you’re in the US, Kroger will have them in the beginning of the new year.

Fingers crossed this means I’ll actually pack a salad.

2 thoughts on “Mini Oliva salad dressing pods”

  1. such a neat idea!!

    Also if you look on ebay you can get little “soya sauce/condiment” containers for under a couple bucks, I have never tried them though and don’t know how well they work. But if you search bento on ebay TONS of really cute and cool things pop up 🙂

    1. Yes, I tried those little soy sauce bottles. They are such a pain to fill, and I found I could never get enough out of them. I try and keep my bento habit under control, otherwise our kitchen would be bursting with random food cutters and things!

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