Lovely things: Joe Fresh online shop is live

Lovely things2 Oct


Joe Fresh finally has an online shop. I buy all of Elliot’s pyjamas and underwear from Joe Fresh, and I live in their jersey pyjama bottoms. It’s where I found my summer wardrobe of stripey dresses, and where my husband gets quite a few of his cardigans. Finding decent clothes for small boys is a real challenge, and Joe Fresh is pretty much the only alternative to H&M. I really want that dog jumper, it’s too hilarious. Free shipping with orders over $50, my Canadian friends.

1. Toddler boys’ animal hat, $7

2. Women’s graphic sweater, $29

3. Women’s stripe sweater dress, $29

4. Men’s peacoat, $199

5. Toddler boys’ fleece cardigan, $16




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