iPad app review: Endless Alphabet

Quick, go download this app and then come back and read my review – it’s free right now and I wouldn’t want you to miss it.

Endless Alphabet is a neat phonics app for kids. Simple yet engaging, like all the best apps for children, it presents a word in colourful letters, only to have all those letters scattered by a charging mob of monsters. This makes Elliot giggle every time. He then drags each letter back in place (not necessarily in order, thankfully) to match a pencil outline. Each letter makes a silly noise that corresponds with its phonetic sound as he drags it, as well as dancing around a bit.

When Elliot finishes putting all the letters in place, not only does a nice Sesame Street-like voice say the completed word, but there’s a little animation to explain what it means. We’re not talking just ‘cat’ and ‘flop’ but lovely juicy words like ‘hilarious’, ‘bellow’ and ‘gargantuan’.

Within two minutes of playing this app, Elliot was saying the letter sounds along with dancing letters and giggling as two monsters lifted a block together to demonstrate ‘cooperate’. The animations are beautiful and quirky, and the voice over is professional. I love this one.

Hilariously, Elliot loves the comedy error noise so much, he misplaces letters just to hear it. *eye roll*

There’s no age range on the description, but I’m thinking preschool/kindergarten is probably the best time for it. The words are big enough to keep older kids interested, but even at 3 years old, Elliot finds it entertaining. It’s available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Endless Alphabet is developed by Calloway Digital Arts. Free right now! 

Disclosure: None, I saw this on the app store and downloaded it myself to check it out.

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