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Interior Design Show West

I popped round the Interior Design West show today, here are some highlights.

Resource Furniture‘s extraordinary space saving beds blew my mind. I love the shelf that pivots as you pull the bed down.

Style Garage is a Canadian furniture company, located in Vancouver and Toronto. Their tagline is ‘made-to-order & in-stock modern furniture’. There were some good examples of tables and sofas. The one pictured above is from their in-stock line, however they will make you a table to your specific dimensions. Furniture is made in Toronto and shipped over to Vancouver.

Mint‘s display was full of great bits and bobs – side tables with legs shaped like the bottom half of a dog, the beautiful bowl above, trays with Les Dandys’ crazy paintings of animals in tudor dress, the table above made with the ends of wood showing. They’ve got a comprehensive online shop, and their brick and mortar spot is in the up-and-coming Armoury District (just above Granville Island).

The gorgeous Bocci lights formed a central bar in the middle of the showroom, where we enjoyed a glass of wine. These lights look fragile, but when I put my fingers in the bowling ball-like notches to lift it up and was surprised at the weight of it. Beautiful in their solitary glory on a side table, they are even more beautiful huge in bunches, like illuminated grapes.

California-based Varian Designs drew me in with this almost Arts and Crafts table leg – light and airy, yet architectural.

The marketplace area was more like a well-curated craft show. My favourite vendors:

From left to right: Freeline Studio‘s beautiful wood pieces, Billy Would¬†reclaimed wood jewellery, My Little Lights indoor fairy lights, Identity Home pillows


Interior Design Show West is on at the Vancouver Convention Centre until tomorrow. 


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