How we ended up with a piano


We heard the piano before we saw it.

Walking along the seawall near our building, we came across an upright piano, sitting on the edge of the seawall, overlooking False Creek. Just sitting there. Someone was having a laugh with their friends, playing silly songs on it. And then they left and Elliot climbed up on the bench to have a go.

We must have spent 20 minutes playing around on the piano that evening, and every time we’ve passed it, or its sister piano down under Cambie Street bridge on the seawall, Elliot wants to play it. Or we stop and listen to someone else play them.

Music is important in our house. We watch concerts on TV and talk about what the instruments sound like. Elliot has played around with my cello and has his own ukulele. We’re keen that he learns an instrument, but also fully aware it can go horribly wrong if he shove him into it. I also know that one can still be an incredible musician and pick up an instrument later than 4 years old. But the lure of the piano for Elliot was obvious, so my husband trawled craigslist and tracked down a piano.

Not only are we thinking about starting Elliot on piano in awhile, but my husband has also started teaching himself piano as well. Having spent a few years learning the cello in a teaching orchestra in London, Christopher is having a great time figuring out his second instrument, and I love hearing piano around the house.

So thank you to Keys to the Street, for spurring us to bringing a piano into our home, and kickstarting the music again.

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