Happy Earth Day from the bees


This past weekend I attended Bee School, so now I feel slightly less mystified by our bees. Slightly less! Our instructor said taking care of bees is more work than having a dog but less than a human child. I’d say that’s about accurate, having both a dog and a small child. We’re watching one hive raise their own queen right now, and it’s fascinating.

Do your part to protect our pollinators and avoid pesticides and fungicides in your garden. Want to know more about bee-friendly plants? Here’s a good guide for the climate around Vancouver and Seattle. I’m going to order some bee garden blend from Westcoast Seeds and do a little, er, guerrilla planting in the neighbourhood for the benefit of our bees, and our sister bees over at Science World.

Photo above: one of our beautiful honeybees on a pear blossom.


2 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day from the bees”

  1. this is awesome! i’ve always been interested by bees, but i also don’t know a lot about them! I didn’t even know there was “bee friendly” plants, but i guess it makes sense now that i think about it 🙂 thanks for this post! my mom is really into gardening, and though we live on the northeast coast of the US, I’m going to forward this to her 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by Amber! Some plants even prefer one pollinator over others – like tomatoes, for instance, like bumblebees the best, because they receive more different kinds of pollen from their big fuzzy bodies. So tomato flowers release the most pollen when a bumblebee buzzes at a certain pitch, apparently it’s usually a C. How amazing is that? I love bees, don’t get me started! They are a lot of work, but fascinating. And… honey!

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