Ginger mint green smoothie

Ginger mint green smoothie | Erin at Large

Ginger mint green smoothie | Erin at Large

We’re big fans of the green smoothie in this house… the boys are not terrific leafy green eaters when it’s on the plate, however blended in a glass with some mango, it’s fine. I’m not arguing, as long as it goes down I’m fine with it.

Our roof garden provides the greens these days, and I pick a couple leaves of curly and dinosaur kale each morning when I’m up there filling the bees’ water dishes. Today I also grabbed a sprig of mint – what a fresh lift!

Ginger mint green smoothie
makes 2 & half pints (2 adult servings plus a small person serving)

4 large kale leaves, ribs removed
1 cup frozen mango chunks
1 piece of fresh coconut meat (we buy ours frozen from Organic Lives)
1 banana
a few grates of ginger root
1 tbsp or so of real maple syrup
3 or 4 fresh mint leaves

+chia seeds

+hemp hearts


  1. Blend the kale and a good portion of water first to liquefy.
  2. Add rest of your ingredients, plus fancy add ins like chia seeds and hemp hearts. Blend! Add water if necessary to get to the consistency you like.


Ginger mint green smoothie | Erin at Large

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