Five things I love from the new Canadian Marks & Spencer online shop

I admit it, I paid crazy duties and taxes to import underwear from Marks & Spencer. But now, oh now I don’t have to. I can order in Canadian currency and not pay duties! Hurrah! And now I don’t even have to limit myself to underwear. Unfortunately there’s no food available on the site… Yet.

Spotty anorak

spotty anorak

Spots! Sort of waterproof!

Lace floral dress

floral lace dress

Normally I’m not a big fan of their Per Una line, but the mirrored florals has won me over in this case. Despite the model looking like she’s witnessing some spectacular workplace accident happening behind the camera.2

Polka dot peep toes

polka dot peep toe

I have a thing for polka dots. You must know this by now.

Double-walled glass teapot


Watching tea spread through hot water is mesmerizing.

Picnic hamper

picnic hamper

Cumbersome, impossible to carry more than 5 feet fully loaded, but somehow I desperately want one of these.

Go forth and order, Canadians, without duties!

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