Five essentials for aquafit class


I love aquafit.

In the public pool, there are all sorts and shapes of people. It’s a good reminder of what real people actually look like. There’s the woman who wears a rubber shower cap in the pool, the man who splashes like crazy but still wears his glasses, the women who stand at the back of the class and serenely do a very slow version of everything.

Doing an exercise class in a pool with the water at chest height means no one is watching whether you did that last move correctly or not. They’re not watching because they can’t see much of you, and also because they are too busy flailing around trying to not swallow a lungful while jumping up and down. Even if you don’t get the routine down – any kind of moving around in the water is working your muscles.

Here are a few things that can make aquafit classes a much more pleasant experience.

1. The right suit. Skip the two-piece ones, and look for something that doesn’t ride up anywhere, with good coverage on top. There are aqua fitness suits out there, it’s worth searching them out. Also avoid skirts and other flappy bits. Soleil Swim high neck colour block polyester tank one piece

2. Water bottle. Aquafit is like all other kinds of exercise and you need to stay hydrated. Bring a plastic or metal bottle, most pools won’t allow glass on the pool deck. Camelback Eddy 0.6L water bottle

3. Secure your hair. If you have long hair like I do, keeping it out of the chlorinated water as much as possible is important. I find elastics cause breakage as my hair gets very heavy when wet, so I stick with a topknot secured with claw clips or pins. A bit of leave-in conditioner around the hairline keeps the worst of the dryness at bay. Scunci no-slip grip clips

4. Get a really big towel. After exercising in the pool, it’s easy to get very, very cold. A giant towel is incredibly comforting after all that jogging under water. Oversized medallion print beach towel

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  1. Love the description of the cross section of humanity in a pool. The facility I go to is geared toward handicapped people and it is very humbling to watch the incredible effort put forth by both the individuals and especially their caregivers. The added benefit is that the pool is extra warm! Cheers, Karen

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