Everyday carry, extra-large edition

Everyday carry, or EDC, is a community of blogs and contributors who obsess about what the have in their pockets, or bags. Overwhelmingly male, and more than a little concerned with survival, it is a fascinating read. People photograph and list out their EDC, and often the blogger critiques it for aesthetic, lightness and utility. Essentially it is variations on a wallet, utility knife, watch and smart phone. Unsurprisingly, I ended up at one of the blogs through William Gibson’s twitter feed, though I had heard about it in some peripheral way years ago.

I have always found it fascinating to see what people find essential to carry with them, and how it changes with their job, location or current situation. As a tube commuting Londoner, I had a very different set of things in my bag than the mum to a preschooler who drives most of the time in Vancouver that I am now.

In the interests of being a bit of a Nosy Parker, I’d like to invite all of you to do your own EDC and send it in to me. I’ll feature one a week. To start off, here is my EDC – you will notice I am not going for lightness, survival (unless you call the ability to distract my son in an awkward situation survival, which I do) or a minimalist aesthetic. So this is my EDC XL, if you will.

  • iPhone 4 / Gelaskins case
  • iPad / Apple case
  • Nivea Essential Moisture lip balm x 2
  • Burts Bees tinted lip balm in Rose
  • Maybelline lipstick in Red Revival
  • Bourjois blush pot in rosé d’or (mirror in lid)
  • Toy car
  • Elliot’s spoon
  • Wallet
  • Hair elastic
  • Foam curler (put in my bag by Elliot)
  • One dirty, but unused band-aid
  • Two fountain pen cartridges, one empty and one full, for a pen I don’t carry anymore
  • Sony Ericsson in-ear headphones with microphone
  • Tissues in flat travel package
  • Business cards in case
  • Silver Mimi transit pass holder containing London Oyster pass and a train ticket to York (useful!)
  • Keys with Swiss Army knife (not shown)
  • One loonie, loose
  • Mini hair brush
  • Elliot’s sock (only one)
  • Tide stain removal pen
  • Fineline black pens x 2
  • Cambridge Satchel Company bag in yellow
  • Gus the yorkshire terrier, but he doesn’t come with me in my bag
I want to see what’s in your bag! Send me your EDC XL list, plus a photo with all your bits and pieces in it, and a short bio.

8 thoughts on “Everyday carry, extra-large edition”

  1. I think this is a fascinating idea! I’m kind of curious about the contents of other people’s’ pockets and handbags, and it’s funny how individual it is. My husband, for instance, always has pockets full of tissues or these little nose-wiping cloths we keep around the house. My bag is almost always full of child-related detritus.

    1. Isn’t funny how interested we all are in what we carry around? I knew I was onto something when I found myself obsessively checking everyday carry blogs, when I don’t even care that much about their crazy super light flashlights that can also break a window and heat water (not really). It’s just seeing what people find essential, I think. Though I especially like seeing the ephemera, that’s the really human bit isn’t it?

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