EDC XL: Lisa Corriveau, blogger at The Sprog

Lisa is a fellow parent blogger I met through the Vancouver Mom Top 30 bloggers event, and since meeting we’ve spent quite a bit of time at press events and get-togethers, mainly sequestered in a corner with good beer (Lisa) and wine (me).

She volunteered to open her bag for Everyday Carry XL this week. Take a peek…

  • Kenneth Cole wallet
  • keys including Modo Car Co-op fob, Fox 40 whistle & folding knife
  • Playmobil 123 woman
  • Samsung Galaxy 3S in Otterbox Commuter case + handsfree headphones
  • nail file
  • Burt’s Bees lip shimmer in Papaya
  • MAC lipstick in Rich Reserve Frost
  • Annabelle Lip liner in cherry
  • Lactase tablet
  • five Extra Strength Tylenol tablets
  • blue Pilot FriXion refillable erasable pen
  • freebie pen
  • four of my business cards
  • several other people’s business cards
  • truck
  • nine Life brand bandages in a Band-Aids case
  • bicycle tire patch kit
  • cloth diaper, handmade terry wipes, freebie Nestle change pad in a Bummis wet bag
  • bib
  • garage door opener in a Fisherman’s Friend tin
  • metal chain
  • Vancouver Inspiration Pass
  • two relatively clean paper napkins
  • MEC sunglasses
  • assorted interac receipts
  • Playmobil 123 horse
  • knock-off moleskin notebook
  • PoCampo Armitage satchel in umber waxed canvas

When not photographing the contents of her purse, or blogging on The Sprog, Lisa can often be found in a park somewhere in East Van with her little boy, freelance writing, sewing clothing, tweeting (@blauelibelle), reading just about anything, performing on stilts, eating chocolate or drinking craft beer. (Sometimes several of the above simultaneously.) Living in a way that’s good for her health & the planet is important to her, so she usually gets where she needs to go by bike or on foot, sometimes transit, and occasionally with Modo vehicles.

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