Covet Garden: the print version



One of my favourite publications these days is lifestyle and interiors online-only magazine Covet Garden. I love that it’s Canadian, I love their quirky lived-in sense of style, I love the kinds of people they feature. I wish dearly for more West coast content (I think Jan of Poppytalk should be their correspondent… ahem) but it’s a small quibble. Quick, go sign up now to be notified when each issue comes out. It’s free. I’ll be here when you come back.


Now you have had a chance to flip through and see how wonderful it is, wouldn’t you like a hybrid book/magazine version of by Christmas? I certainly would. Support their IndieGoGo campaign to make it happen. I would dearly love to be able to give them $1,000 to feature my decidedly less-than-picturesque space. You have to be in Toronto for that too, but it’s not the first hurdle, so I can dream.

Watching their video, I think I just want to be friends more than anything. Think there’s a funding level for that?


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