Cool Kickstarter projects: Iva Jean’s new collection

I don’t really do sporty clothes. So when I take my bike, which I’m trying to do more often, I don’t have stretchy things and fluorescent jacket and all that. I just want to take my bike, you know?

iva jean kickstarter 2

However, there are some elements of that sporty stuff that would make my life easier. Breathable fabrics, stretchy things that look nice in colours I would actually wear, shirts with a back long enough to cover me when I’m leaning over attaching the bike trailer – that kind of thing. I’ve been a fan of Iva Jean, the Seattle-based company making nice-looking and practical cycle clothes for women, for awhile now. I covet the gorgeous pencil skirt with the built in vent to make cycling practical.

iva jean kickstarter

This month Iva Jean has their new collection ready to go via Kickstarter. There are some gorgeous pieces: merino t-shirts in flattering shapes, leggings in durable dry wick fabric without seams on the inside. Just beautiful.

All photos courtesy of Iva Jean

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