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Lovely things: short wellies

Lovely things: short wellies



Ah, autumn. In Vancouver, that means days and days (and days) of drizzle. While big Hunter boots are everywhere, and I do love my Ilse Jacobsen wellies for epic downpour days, they feel like overkill when it’s just a regular rainy day.

Ankle-height wellies that look more like regular boots are what I’m looking for this autumn, and I found some interesting ones. Clockwise from top…

1 // ASOS Gamble wellies

2 // däv Glasgow boot

3 // Joe Fresh Moto Rain Boots

4 // Mel by Melissa Big Plum in navy


Win tickets to the Vancouver Modern Home Tour

Win tickets to the Vancouver Modern Home Tour


I love walking around my neighbourhood in the early twilight, when people have turned their lights on but not yet closed their blinds. It’s the small glimpse into their homes that makes me happy – what do they have on their walls, how big is that front room – that kind of thing. I don’t quite have the gall to show up at open houses and gawk when I have no intention of buying, however house tours give me license to wander and stare all I like.

The heritage house tours are fascinating and I love the laneway house tours for ingenious ideas in (very) small spaces, but it’s hard to beat modern house tours for sheer drama.


This year, the Vancouver Modern Home Tour has been curated by Western Living magazine editor-in-chief Anicka Quin, and there are some beauties on the list. I’ve already earmarked two I’ve seen from the street that I’ve always been curious about (like the house in the photo at the top of the post), so I’m quite excited to see how all those corners work from the inside. There are newly built structures as well as incredible projects that started as older houses, smaller spaces and sprawling mansions.


This is a self-guided tour, so you will need transportation between the homes, a few of which are in West Vancouver. You have from 11am-5pm on Saturday 20 September to visit the homes. Tickets are $30 in advance, and $40 on the day, kids under 12 are free.

I’m a bit of a house tour nerd, so let me share what I’ve learned:

– Wear comfortable slip-on shoes of some sort, as you have to remove them at every house, and bring a bag to carry them in as you’ll be ferrying them around
– Leave the big backpack behind, a small cross-body bag is best – you don’t want to knock anything over in the tight spaces
– Don’t bring a big camera, these are peoples’ homes and photography is usually not allowed
– Plan your route ahead of time, including a lunch and/or coffee stop
– Agree with your touring partner if there are one or two homes you’re okay to miss and plan the route accordingly, often time gets tight at the end of the day, so it’s good to see the ones you’re really keen on first

The nice people at Modern Home Tours have have given me sets of two passes for my readers. Go forth and enter!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

All photos courtesy Modern Home Tours


Lovely things: cool schoolbag edition

Lovely things: cool schoolbag edition

Lovely things bags aug 12


There is no escaping it, school is coming. At our house, we’re heading into the big tumble dryer that is elementary school this autumn, so that means full days and packed lunch. I am trying very hard not to buy every cool bento thing ever. But first things first – everyone needs a cool schoolbag!

1// Beatrix NY Alexander the Robot

2 // Hanna Andersson Kids There & Backpack

3 // Herschel Supply Co Heritage Kids Collection in Sunday

4 // MadPax LatorGator

5 // Schoolbags for Kids Dragonflyer Fuzzy Flyer



Bike helmet hair, popsicle recipes, summer veggies, and dry shampoo

Bike helmet hair, popsicle recipes, summer veggies, and dry shampoo

railspur alley

Oh it is hot here, my friends. And summer camps never seem to last long enough for me to finish a thought AND get food for dinner, so here are some things I’m finding pretty indispensable right now.

Five great bike helmet hair ideas from Refinery29.

I may have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to popsicle recipes.

Have an overload of summer vegetables? Oh My Veggies has a recipe (or six) for you.

Seven great dry shampoos and how to use them from BC Living.


My new favourite cycling dress

My new favourite cycling dress

stripe-bottom dressIt’s just what I look for: a bit stretchy, just above the knee, breathable. Just above the knee is crucial, because it allows full leg movement without getting tangled in my rear brake pads (say) but doesn’t ride up enough to give the entire bike route a view of my knickers. Yay!

And only $24 at Joe Fresh.

My other secret weapon in the cycling in dresses department is Jockeys Skimmies Slipshorts. Ignore the naff name, enjoy the comfortable, non-chafing underwear. I particularly like these as they aren’t meant as shapewear, so there is no Olympics-worthy, sweat-inducing 20 minutes getting them on. They come in many colours and the bottom edge isn’t lacey or anything, so if you do accidentally flash a passing cyclist, you just look super prepared in bike shorts. They are also quite cool to wear.