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Dress season

Dress season


For some reason, this seems to be a sensitive subject, but that’s a bit silly, so let’s get real. For those of us with thighs that are friendly with each other, summer can be a bit painful. However, I’ve blissfully lived in dresses and skirts for the past couple of hot seasons with help from some underwear discoveries.
jockies slipshorts

Everyday wear: Jockeys Slipshort Skimmies

I have about five pairs of these. They come in ‘Cooling’ which functions a bit like sports stay-dry. Go for mid-length ones, the short ones don’t offer much in the way of chafing prevention. These are not shapewear, but they are super comfy and won’t leave weird lumpy bits where the shorts begin and end. They go on sale fairly regularly, so keep your eyes peeled.

triumph high waisted

Support: Triumph Highwaist Second Skin Sensation

I’ve had a pair of these for many years, and the elastic has stood the test of time. It prevents nasty chafing and gives you a bit of holding in around the tummy and waist. It’s not Spanx level constriction by any means, more of a medium level of support. Perfect for those days you don’t want to work up a sweat wrestling your way into serious shapewear.

So break out those dresses and do some twirling.


Sakura time!

Sakura time!

Sakura time!: Cherry blossom prints

I am a black and grey kind of girl, but when springs comes around, the one print that always gets me is the cherry blossom. This spring there seems to be loads of it around, and I confess to already buying a pair of impractical shoes, and a nice tunic. I have my eye on the Uttam jacket I’ve linked below as well…

Sakura time!: Cherry blossom necklace by Tatty Devine

Tatty Devine Cherry blossom branch necklace

Sakura time!: Cherry blossom print trainer by Nike

Nike Cherry blossom trainer

Sakura time!: Cherry blossom print Apple watch band by Casetifyb

Casetify Cherry blossom apple watch band

Sakura time!: Cherry blossom print waterfall jacket by Uttam Boutique

Uttam Cherry blossom waterfall jacket

Sakura time!: Cherry blossom print silk dress by Jaeger

Jaeger Cherry Blossom print dress 


The winter coat Kickstarter you need to check out

The winter coat Kickstarter you need to check out

I think what really sold me on this Canadian-designed coat were the gloves that stay stashed in the sleeve when you’re not using them. Oh, how I hate bulging pockets full of gloves and scarf. Well, let’s be honest, they aren’t usually MY gloves and hat my pockets are full of, but this way, I will actually also have my own gloves as well. I do also like that the coat options aren’t all giant and bulky. I hope they keep the extended women’s sizes once they move out of Kickstarter land. 

smart parka benefits


Five things I love from the new Canadian Marks & Spencer online shop

Five things I love from the new Canadian Marks & Spencer online shop

I admit it, I paid crazy duties and taxes to import underwear from Marks & Spencer. But now, oh now I don’t have to. I can order in Canadian currency and not pay duties! Hurrah! And now I don’t even have to limit myself to underwear. Unfortunately there’s no food available on the site… Yet.

Spotty anorak

spotty anorak

Spots! Sort of waterproof!

Lace floral dress

floral lace dress

Normally I’m not a big fan of their Per Una line, but the mirrored florals has won me over in this case. Despite the model looking like she’s witnessing some spectacular workplace accident happening behind the camera.2

Polka dot peep toes

polka dot peep toe

I have a thing for polka dots. You must know this by now.

Double-walled glass teapot


Watching tea spread through hot water is mesmerizing.

Picnic hamper

picnic hamper

Cumbersome, impossible to carry more than 5 feet fully loaded, but somehow I desperately want one of these.

Go forth and order, Canadians, without duties!


Oh, autumn

Oh, autumn


Oh autumn. One minute I’m sweating, the next minute I’m shivering. I find myself cycling between midi skirts and flats, trousers, boots, jackets, and coats. Here are some of my favourite options right now.

modcloth city lovin coat

silver flats

Nordstrom Olson pointy toe flats (above), Modcloth City Lovin’ Coat.

joefresh moto jacket

steve madden troopa

Joe Fresh vegan leather moto jacket (above), Steve Madden Troopa boots