Board games: King of Tokyo


My little guy has been sick this past weekend, which has meant a lot of board game time. One of our favourites has been out on the table for the past three days: [amazon_link id=”B004U5R5BI” target=”_blank” ]King of Tokyo[/amazon_link].

This is a great sort-of co-op game for 2-6 players. I say sort-of co-op – you are battling each other, but you’re taking turns destroying Tokyo. When you’re in the middle of Tokyo, you take all damage, and when you deal damage, you deal it out to everyone equally.

It’s great fun to be a giant monster like the Kraken (above), or Gigazaur, or one of the others. You get to buy extra add-ons like the extra head, a spiked tail – things like that. The games go quickly, and turns aren’t too long either. My son liked playing this when he was 5, but now that he’s 6, he really, really enjoys it. This game will need parents to play too, but it’s a perfect after-dinner activity. Minimal set-up makes it practical for quick games too.

Watch the Tabletop episode on King of Tokyo to get a sense of the gameplay.

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