Best roast pumpkin seeds, sugar v carving pumpkins and more

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Pumpkin time is reaching a fever pitch. I thought I’d save you googling all the same things I did in the last three days.

This is the best recipe for roasting pumpkin seeds (it involves boiling and then roasting, I can attest it makes a huge difference).

Cooking with pumpkin? Find a sugar or pie pumpkin, don’t use a mammoth $4 jack o’ lantern one. Good discussion here about the differences.

I was feeling uninspired on my pumpkin carving this year, and found this site had the best pumpkin stencils. You have to pay, but they are by far the most user-friendly, and you can spend forever choosing which ones before you commit.

Someone made the best pumpkin-related finger food at our co-op’s Halloween party this year: peel a bunch of mandarins, tuck a small piece of celery in the top for a stem. Ta da! ‘Pumpkins’. Love it. Here’s a photo, including some brilliant ghost bananas too. Genius.

Not feeling like wrestling a pumpkin? Make one out of an egg carton.

Finally – looking for good pumpkin recipes? We love Cooking Light’s pumpkin muffins (I add chocolate chips, ahem), the Pioneer Woman’s pumpkin cinnamon rolls, and swapping the butternut squash for pumpkin in my pasta and cheese (recipe pending…sorry, I know, it will be up here as soon as it’s been published!). I use canned pumpkin puree all the time, because I have seen sugar pumpkins for sale about three times in my entire life.


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