Baked parmesan-crusted chicken

Ricardo: Parmesan-crusted chicken

As much as I enjoy cooking magazines like Olive, delicious., Cooks Ilustrated, and Cooking Light, I often crave a local Canadian option. There’s Canadian Living and… well, not much else. I discovered Ricardo last winter, and I’ve been quite impressed with their recipes. When they asked me to try out one of their chicken recipes and I had chicken breasts in the fridge defrosting that very day, I figured it was fate.

I picked the Parmesan-crusted Chicken, because anything involving panko and parmesan is a usually a hit with my family. This dish is a nice alternative to the full job of coating and frying that panko coating usually involves. Instead, the chicken breasts are roasted in sour cream and whole-grain mustard, with the panko and parmesan mixture on top. I quickly brined my chicken breasts in a mixture of salt and sugar water for about 10 minutes beforehand, because I find that cut needs it. I have to say, the sour cream really helps with that as well though, as well as giving the chicken a tangy flavour.

I think this is my husband’s new favourite. Which is fine with me, as this recipe is really easy to pull together on short notice.

Check out the full recipe for Parmesan-crusted Chicken, as well as a huge selection of other chicken recipes from Ricardo magazine.


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