Bee-friendly Valentine’s card printable in English & French

6 February 2015

bee presentation
Getting ready for my presentation about beekeeping to the kindergarteners


Every year I try and come up with a non-candy option for the class Valentine’s Day cards. In the past we’ve made bath bombs and red sparkly play dough. This year, as Valentine’s Day is the beginning of the beekeeping year, I have bees (even more) on the brain.

The other week I also did a presentation about beekeeping to my son’s kindergarten class, which was sweetness itself. After hearing about every single time every child has been stung, or nearly been stung, or thought about being stung, by a bee, wasp, or mosquito, they asked great questions about honey extraction, where the dead bees go, what makes honey taste different, and how I make the smoker work.

So, as the time for planting wildflowers comes up in early March here in the temperate, if damp, west coast, I thought we could tape a little glassine envelope of bee-friendly wildflower seeds inside the valentine. If you’d like to do the same, I think the bees would be thrilled. Below you’ll find a printable in both English and French (my son goes to a French immersion school), to make your own. We’re gluing this image to the front of a blank card after my son does the tough work of printing his classmates’ names on them, and taping the little envelopes inside.

valentine's-day-card-2015-EN valentine's-day-card-2015-FR


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    Love this!!

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    Loreen Davies

    I burst out laughing about all of the bee sting stories- I can absolutely envision it! You have a gift of painting a vivid picture with your word craft, Erin. 🙂

    Great, great idea for Valentine’s gifts!

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    Tiffany Gordon-Wilson

    Love this idea. Reminds me of our wedding actually. Our place name cards were actually leaves filled with wildflower seeds. 🙂

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