The self-cleaning fish tank that also grows herbs on top

4 December 2012

My husband said to me once, whilst flipping through Kickstarter, that he wished we were rich mainly so we could be modern-day Medicis and fund everything that looked cool.

Now this is something that’s worth sharing – the Aquaponics Garden. It’s a fish tank that grows herbs on top. A learning tool that has an entire closed-loop ecosystem on your table. The plants feed on the fish poop, so there’s no cleaning the tank. I love this idea, and I want one! You can pre-order one by funding their project at the $50 level (it costs $50 to ship to Canada, though they will ship two for $60).

Watch the video and hop on over to the Home Aquaponics Garden Kickstarter page to contribute. Definitely watch the video over there – I would have embedded it here, but Kickstarter videos and WordPress don’t play well together. I trust you can go over there and check it out!

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