Beautiful case for my beautiful new laptop

10 October 2012

After my August full to the brim with freelance work, I was able to finally upgrade my laptop to a new Macbook Air. I love it desperately. However, my regular freelancing style is lugging my laptop along in the car with a rotating selection of Elliot’s toys, spare preschooler clothing, bits of disintegrating banana loaf, and all the other detritus that collects down there. I work in cafes, and my actual satchel is full with a subsection of the above. I needed a case or sleeve for my new laptop, and I was less than inspired by the ones I saw at the Apple Store.

I had in my mind what I wanted: something a bit padded, subtle, not too heavy. I didn’t want another bag with a strap. It’s amazing how unhelpful Google is when you’re don’t have a specific name for what you want, but just a… feeling.

Somehow I ended up on someone’s Pinterest board dedicated to Macbook cases. There I found my holy grail: a Feruto felt sleeve.

Made in Germany, the Feruto line of sleeves are minimalist and beautiful. Made of thick felt in shades of grey and brown, they are held shut with a thick band of contrasting elastic. This sounds simple, but it’s incredibly hard to find well-designed, simple sleeves. They make cases for Macbook Pro and Air, as well as iPads and iPhones. If you’re in the market for a simple and beautiful case for your electronics, check out their Etsy shop.

Photo borrowed from Feruto Bags.


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    Veronica Roth

    That sleeve does look good. My friend Julie in Denmark (moments of perfect clarity) also uses Apple Mac and has found some terrific bespoke accesories.

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      Thanks for letting me know about your friend, I will look her up!

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